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3 days ago
Coach Reg @Aimhighelite1 is a coach I always focus on when in same gym. He stresses discipline, structure & intensity. Never stops teaching. Every coach don't get my respect
2 weeks ago
@AidynParrish Haha!! Not happenin on my watch!! haha
2 weeks ago
@neersLBCOACHD @TreOguinn @Utah_Football @Coach_KMcDonald @neersLBCOACHD the kid has grown again tipping 6'1 and weighing 198.. Watching thia change physically is crazy man!!
2 weeks ago
3rd set x 3 × 30yds.. @TreOguinn If its easy its not WORTH IT!! Grown Man sport needs a GROWN MAN effort!! @Utah_Football @SafetyPride @Coach_KMcDonald #neversatisfied #pac12prep #journeyishis